Session proposals

Session proposals

We are very pleased that the response on the call for session proposals has been overwhelming: we have received 88 proposals for paper sessions. Many thanks to all who have responded.

Please check the session proposals.

Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate all the proposed paper sessions in the NGM 2024 program as we are limited by the number of program slots and available rooms at the venue. We have decided to wait until the end of the registration period (April 15) before we identify the sessions to be included in the program. Hence, the sessions will be determined by the preference of conference participants who want to present a paper.

All sessions are scheduled to run for 1h 40 min and accommodate five presentations. Sessions with five presenters will be prioritized; thereafter the program will be filled out with sessions with fewer contributors if slots and rooms are available. In the period between April 15 up to May 1 (when the preliminary program is published), we will try to merge sessions in close dialogue with the relevant session organizers.

In addition, we hope to have space for ‘open sessions’ that include papers outside the themed sessions. However, given the limitations we encourage all potential paper presenters to check if their papers could possibly be included in one of the session proposals.

Submission of papers opens February 1 – deadline April 15